TPnet Projects

The Beginning...

Welcome to the TPnet Project, our focus is to develop open source word processing tools for Windows environments. We currently have three products : WPe, WPs, and a Source Code Package, click *insert link name* to learn more and download these free products.

Here at our home page you will find out about our groups great open-source software packages, get support, and the last news and releases. We hope you will take to time to comment on possible features and inform us of any bugs found in the software.

Our software is currently distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Help Wanted

We need people to fill the following positions for out project. Feel free to contact us if you think you can contribute to our projects.

  • Support Manager - To handle support requests and assign them to the appropiate team member, or answer them as best to your ability.
  • Visual Basic Programmer - We need someone with knowlegde of advanced programming in Visual Basic 5.0 or better.
  • Beta Testsers - Of course every successful project needs guinea... I mean beta testers.

Link to Us

To help support our project, we would like you to provide a link from your site. If you need a button and some code to use it. Here you go.

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It will look like this...

TPnet Projects

How to Support Our Work

There are many ways you can help support our work here at TPnet Projects. One way is by of course using the software itself. Open-sources development does rely alot on use of the software to help find bugs and ways to improve it. You can also help by donating money to help development along as well. Your donations allow us to keep this site and software updated :

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